We believe in the power of one person.

The stories of those who go forth from Notre Dame are the stories of all who believe one person can make a difference. Let each one inspire you—and then inspire others with yours.

Using My Voice

Irnande Altema ’07

Irnande's Story

Advancing My Career

John Boyle M’16

John's Story

Learning to Lead

Jensen Armstrong ’24

Jensen's Story

Invest in the Future

Donna Easton ’70

Donna's Story

Lessons for Life

Dr. Kelly Barth ’97

Kelly's Story

Our Stories

headshot of Jean Marie

Honoring Mom

“My mom was a rock star athlete. She was head of the student athletic association back then. My mom was a leader and a doer. When my mother passed, we asked friends and family to donate toward a scholarship.” – Jean Marie Hofstetter ’76

headshot of Janice Davis

Leaving a Legacy

When Janice Davis ’92 and her husband recently decided to invest in the growing success of NDMU’s art therapy program. “I know the value of art and arts education. It humanizes people and opens so many doors.”

headshot of Jan Kilar

‘My Contribution to the World’

“This is my contribution to the world. For us, the students are our future. If we could give them the opportunity to have the same experience that I had, then hopefully, we can make a difference.” – Jan Kilar ’03


Share Your Story

Inspire others with your own story or that of someone you know in the Notre Dame community. Submit a short story explaining your example of how NDMU transforms individuals, so they can transform the world around them.