Leaving a Legacy

When Janice Davis ’92 decided to return to school to pursue her degree, only one college stood out for her. As a married mother of a 15-year-old boy and a full-time professional, she enrolled in the Weekend College for a bachelor’s degree in communication arts.  

“It was a bit of an inspiration for my son to see how hard I was working and how dedicated I was. For a child to see their parent in that role, they think, ‘Well, gee, I’m not the only one who has to go to school,’” she said. “I just had such a great experience there. It was just such a great fit.”  

Her experience as a student transformed her life. It also laid the foundation for her continued support of the university as a donor and volunteer. After years of loyal giving to the Notre Dame Fund, she got an invitation to join the Montrose Society, whose members commit to make legacy gifts to the University. Her heart of service led her to volunteer on the Legacy Giving Committee, recruiting others to consider legacy giving. 

“There are so many people out who there have the brains and the stick-to-itiveness to make it,” she said. “I just think that if you have any capacity to give, then pay it forward to try to give other people some of the same chances you had.”  

Janice and her husband recently decided to invest in the growing success of NDMU’s new art therapy program – Maryland’s first such bachelor’s and master’s degree program. Finding a new way to support Notre Dame’s students deepened her connection to the University’s mission.  “I know the value of art and arts education. It humanizes people and opens so many doors,” she said. “It’s a window or a path into people who are suffering in a lot of ways. I think this program will help people to find those paths.”