Enhancing facilities and technology expands learning.

We are thoughtfully undertaking new projects aligned with our most recent strategic plan. Your support of this $15.5 million priority will allow us to strengthen science, technology, engineering and math education; upgrade athletic facilities and technology infrastructure; and enhance the student commons.

While women make up 47% of the workforce, they hold less than 25% of STEM jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce (2017).

Knott Science Center/STEM

Your support will help us renovate Knott Science Center, updating classrooms and common areas, as well as labs to support 21st century learning needs, specialized faculty research, and student-faculty collaboration.

The Knott Center’s last major overhaul took place in 1999, predating the mobile computing revolution.

Maryland has challenged its colleges and universities to promote STEM education. The enhancements to Notre Dame’s science facilities will ensure graduates can compete for the region’s top careers in research, industry, and education.


Your gift can help provide the updated technology that is a necessity today to compete for students and meet employer expectations.

NDMU has developed a phased plan to upgrade basic and essential technologies, including servers, networks, applications and classroom A/V systems. Wi-Fi network upgrades will create 200 access points throughout campus. Secure cloud-based platforms will give students immediate access to routine services and enable the University to safely and conveniently share information.

Notre Dame’s athletics program has seen multiple conference championships in the last five years.


With your support, we will bring our athletic facilities up to par with peer schools.

Notre Dame fields nine NCAA Division III teams, a source of community pride and a key student recruitment tool: student-athletes make up approximately 25% of all undergraduates.

A strong athletics program can inspire student success at all levels. A 2014 Gallup study found that being highly active in extracurricular activities was one of the “Big Six” college experience factors linked to life preparedness and earning a degree on time.

Student Commons

Your support will help us create an enhanced student commons at Doyle Hall and Gator Alley to serve as a focal point for students across Notre Dame.

Gator Alley will be transformed into a versatile gathering and collaboration space. The existing entrance to Doyle Hall will be reimagined with a modern canopy, paved walkway, student plaza, and integrated outside seating area.

New flexible seating, including a refreshed exterior patio, will encourage student interaction and provide comfortable spaces for relaxation. Existing entrances and outdated windows will be replaced to improve energy usage, visibility, accessibility, and safety.

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