Building institutional capacity expands our ability to do more.

You can help amplify the Notre Dame experience and continue our founding vision of inclusiveness and a powerful education that drives social change. We seek to raise $11.3 million for the annual fund and campaign support, engaging every member of the Notre Dame community as we live up to the legacy of our foundresses.

The Notre Dame Fund

Growing participation in the Notre Dame Fund, the University’s annual fund, will ensure we have vital ongoing support for student scholarships and more.

The Notre Dame Fund helps furnish as much as $10 million in financial aid each year. More than 95% of Notre Dame students receive financial aid.

In addition, the Notre Dame Fund has an immediate impact on every aspect of the NDMU experience: facilities, research, student activities, and athletics.

Campaign Investment

Engaging more alumnae and alumni in the life of the University and in Go Beyond: The Campaign for NDMU will magnify our transformative power.

Notre Dame is a careful steward of its resources and fully transparent about the cost of fundraising and engagement. This investment is built into the campaign and well within national campaign best practices.

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